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About Single Step

Founded in 1976, we like to think of Single Step as a friendly corner shop with a difference. The main difference is that we're not on a corner. We're at the end of an alley. The other difference is that we try to run the shop according to our ethical principles.

A co-operative

Single Step is a workers' co-operative. The members of the co-op all take equal responsibility for the running of the business and we try to make decisions by consensus. This means that we don't have a boss telling us what to do. Then again, we don't have a boss to blame when things go wrong.

Where we can, we work with other co-ops like our wholesaler Suma and our telecoms provider the Phone Co-op.

Single Step is also a not-for-profit business. We don't have shareholders creaming off any money and put any surplus we make back into the business so we can keep our prices reasonable.

Vegetarian, vegan and wholefood

All the products we sell are vegetarian and most are vegan. We don't sell anything that has been tested on animals.

We try to sell food that is healthy and whole, not a mass of additives. But we're not too Spartan about it. Our chocolate section is pretty impressive...

Environmentally friendly

We try to go as easy on the environment as we can. All our cleaning and bodycare products are eco-friendly and if you bring your bottles back we we refill them to save on plastic and cut costs.

All our fruit and veg is organic and we sell a very wide range of other organic products. At the same time, knowing that organic products can be a bit more expensive, we try to give people the choice. We also do our best to ensure the shop is GM free.

We recycle as much as possible and, by selling loose foods, try to cut down on unnecessary packaging.

We stock the Green Oil range of environmentally friendly bike products including lubricants and cleaners.

Local focus

We try to support local farms and businesses as much as we can and ensure that any fruit and veg that is imported isn't air freighted.

Fair trade

It's important to us that the people producing our goods are getting their fair share so we sell a wide range of fair trade products ranging from fruit and chocolate to wines and gifts. We stock Zaytoun products direct from Palestine, including medjool dates and olive oil.

Closer to home, as a not-for-profit we try to keep our prices as low as we can and offer a 10% discount to pensioners.

It's important to us that the shop is open to everyone. If you need help or have any suggestions, please let us know and we'll do our best.

78a Penny Street, Lancaster LA1 1XN     01524 63021