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Single Step Wholefoods

Fruit and Vegetables carrots

We sell a wide range of organic fruit and veg and focus on seasonal produce. We deal directly with local organic farms and collect produce on the day it is picked.

This is rounded out with regular deliveries from Organic North wholesalers in Manchester who also try to buy as much local produce as they can as well as providing imported staples like bananas and oranges.


Groceries beans

We have all kinds of groceries including freshly baked bread made with organic flour, teas and coffees, tinned foods, chocolate and snacks, chilled and frozen goods, fruit juice and lots more.

All our products are vegetarian and most are vegan.

We also cater for special diets with a wide range of gluten-free items.


Loose Foods Lentils

We sell a lot of food loose, including porridge and muesli, seeds and nuts, dried fruit, beans and lentils, flour and wheatgerm.

We also have over 130 different herbs and spices loose in jars.

Loose foods mean you can buy as much or as little as you want, avoid waste and save on packaging. We are also do bulk orders at a discount rate.

Single Step Wholefoods

Wines and Beers organic wine

We have a range of beers including several organic ales from Samuel Smith's and the very fine local beers produced by the Borough pub here in Lancaster.

We also keep a good selection of organic wines from various countries including fruit wines from the UK.

cleaning products

Cleaning and Bodycare shampoo

All our cleaning and household products, like washing up and laundry liquids, are designed to be environmentally friendly. To cut costs and save on packaging we also refill most of the items we sell. Just bring back the bottle and we fill it up again.

We also do refills of some shampoos and sell a range of soaps and other bodycare products.

Single Step Wholefoods

Vitamins and Supplements fair trade gifts

We stock a variety of vitamins and other food supplements all of which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans with no gelatine capsules. Several herbal remedies, including tinctures of echinacea are available.

We also have topical creams and ointments like calendula, arnica and comfrey.

Single Step Wholefoods

Gifts and Cards fair trade gifts

We sell a variety of gifts. These include Cumbrian candles, gifts from fair trade projects in developing countries, calendars and postcards.

Our selection of cards is very popular with some interesting items from alternative publishers like Leeds Postcards, some beautiful scenic designs from local photographers and plenty of humorous cards from Punch, Spike Milligan and Simon Drew.

78a Penny Street, Lancaster LA1 1XN     01524 63021